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February 2, 2009
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Does out of the box Media Portal 1.0 suport fanart or anything else in My Music.

At the moment I've got Shares view and Listing sort, and it's way too basic for my liking. It's such a shame because StreamedMP support for TV and Films is to put it simply "awesome".

Yet on My Music I just get folder icons, no images, depsite having embedded images in my MP3s and jpg's in most of my album folders.

I've spent a little time trying to force My Music into downloading album images, but it seems futile when I've about 100gb of mp3s and I still get folder views even after downloading image content.

Any suggestions out there what else i can do with My Music? I know music Fanart is out there, just don't know how to utilise it within MP, or what plugin / skin i need.

Finally, is there anything else that mMusic is capable of displaying (e.g. year, genre, reviews, etc).

I'd love to play my mp3s out of Media Portal, but for now, I'm still using iTunes.



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