[solved] My plugin installs but is "incompatible with the current MediaPortal version! " (1 Viewer)


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December 28, 2011
Hi All, I've built a plugin and an installer using the MPEMaker. It works fine on my dev box that hosts the MP1 codebase and a 1.7 Pre-Release version installed. I can configure the plugin and view it in MP.

When I come to using on my production box (my living room) which has a fairly clean install of 1.7 Pre, the installer works fine and installs without issue using the MPE Installer. However, when I launch MP Configuration, I get the message that the plugin is "incompatible with the current MediaPortal version!". I've checked the configuration code and can't see why it is deemed incompatible.

The code for my plugin is hosted here: https://github.com/ChubbyArse/mediaportal-epgmovieguide. It also has the xmp2 file used for building.

It has the following set in AssemblyInfo and I can see in the configuration - that both boxes have as the MP version:
[assembly: CompatibleVersion("", "")]
[assembly: UsesSubsystem("MP.SkinEngine")]
What could be different between the dev box and the production box - both have a fairly clean install of MP1.7.

Have I missed something in the xmp2. I'd appreciate any help understanding what is going on here as my plugin is almost ready for beta release....?


EDIT: Found the problem was in some database initialisation code in the Plugin's start up! Hope to be publishing a Beta soon.
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