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April 14, 2006
aim: to replace an aging thompson 6300 freview box UK, first though add some features to our home entertainment catalog

(my memory isnt getting any better with age so im logging stuff here)

new hardware will be purchased as an when needed, existing hardware will be used for the Software testing/configuration unless. the final motherboard etc will be bought when enough information as to the grunt it needs is known.

Software, New features, Required
Hardware,NEW WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2, EXISTSING computers to play, old laptop to record have to check its USB2 for the WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2 card,

1. Scheduled timed record BBC radio 7 and 4 and covert to mp3 using webserver update a local rss feed and have my mobile download either locally or via the internet to my phone

2. Record BBC HD and ITV HD, films are stored and made easy access for the kids with parental control

3. Schedule recording etc from the internet.

4. EPG automated download for TV and Radio

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