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November 29, 2004

I'm a long time MediaPortal user, and I love it :)
Very often I use the tv recordings offline - on my laptop during flights or in hotels.

My problem: I would like to read the TV Recordings on smaller devices (Android USB Key, tablet, or Raspberry Pi). It works well for the video's. BUT the other programs (Android, VLC, XBMC,...) cannot read the .xml file with the metadata (shows' descriptions).

Do you know...
  • A software able to read the .xml file offline? Or a XBMC addon?
  • A way to 'translate' the xml file to another format understood by an external software (XBMC or VLC for example)
Thanks in advance :)


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  • January 27, 2005
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    Not sure there is anything. Transport streams do not have any metadata hence why we store it in xml file. I have a feeling these are matroska tags but not sure. I am not sure that any player deals with matroska tags that well but is something to have a look at.


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  • June 10, 2008
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    pretty much every application has it's own meta data format or a different location where meta data is stored.

    You can change the custom file name used by tv server recordings to a filename format that is compatible with the scraper for the alternative software you are using.

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