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To allow MP to be "da bomb" program, newbies, magazines reviewers and potential embracers need to be able to install a myriad of widgets with the help of one defacto install doc. Any additional options (plugins) need to have their own complete A-Z install guide packaged with the plugin as well.

To not provide thorough install docs does a disservice to the likes of such a fine program as MP. We might learn from the pages of complete linear directions from the MythTV site how to do this right!

I've wiki'd, I've FAQ'd, scanned the manual, scanned the forum...

At the forum here, there was a link to sourceforge and I downed the MyBurner.RAR file.

Of course my mean lean MP machine can't open it w/o searching online for "something" to open it, so I let my Mac open it instead.

I get two folders: xbmc and WindowsPlugins - deeper inside one of the folders, I am instructed to fetch a Lifeview zip from a dead link, which eventually is resolved. -From- the lifeview zip, the two files are copied -to- (not "in" - but possibly "into") the main MP folder - the buried directions are worded somewhat backwards, like:

"To him, throw the ball in your hand". Better to say "In your hand, is a ball, throw it to him." See the nuance difference?

I put the two files into the MP folder - anywhere? - and ran Radlight Filter Manager to register the two codecs. (From past experience, I learned this, it was not in the MyBurner plugin directions)

So I still have these two folders xbmc and WindowsPlugins just sitting.

"Where go these?" On my rig, these two folders are on a separate partition...

From the MyBurner plugin directions:

"3. Start the Batch Program "RecCodec.cmd". You found it in MP Main folder. That's all."

Again, how do I assume "RecCodec.cmd" is found in the MP Main folder when it is buried inside one of these two unmentioned folders on another partition?

So I need some clarification here...

Where exactly do these folders go?

Thanks and I hope to see MP get many future acclaimations!


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I'm sitting here, scratching my head and wondering why you're not using the burner plugin which comes since ages with Media Portal?


Thanks for the come back--

Because I did not know a Burner plugin was built in?

For the kick butt Hauppauge remote support, I had to install a plugin / files, then configure on the plugin page... yes?

I did a search of the .8 manual (not one single mention at all of the word "burner" or "burn" - if it's built-in, why no mention?) and so many other places and what I found for info on the forum was that I needed to download that plugin and those lifeview files.

I configured the MyBurner thing (I thought) even though I did nothing with those two previously mentioned folders and got the four tabs (I think four), including the blank video one, and tried to just convert one ms file into an mpeg2 and after getting a bar that says 2.4 G, it just sits there and doesn't seem to create one anywhere on the rig... so I figured the install was incomplete.

Are there front to back, A-Z directions for this that I've missed? Because I've only seen a few scraps here at the forum.

Maybe a sticky somewhere would help since the feature is not in the manual?

So should I unregister those lifeview files and then delete them?


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