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Hey! I'm using Media Portal on a PC with Windows XP home that is connected to the internet over Wireless lan. To ease the usability of the computer there should be a browserintegration in MediaPort . Since the TV screen is probably not perfect for reading small texts on websites there should be a feature like in opera to make the website bigger... (150% and such) That would be perfect....

Additionaly (thread MyOrganizer) If there is an outlook integration anyway there could be a mail notification if you have a net email message.... A blinking envelope in the edge of the screen :D

Another Idea would be the usage of digital cameras with mediaportal. Since the camera is installed on the system anyway you should include a feature that allows the user to just plug the camera in and then download and manage the pictures and whatever there is on the camera over media port...
Maybe with an extra Button in MyPictures. :D

Thats it for now!

Have fun guys



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    I believe that any DRIVE can be just linked to in the SETUP....for example...C: can be linked if a USBSTICK is usually has a driver letter...try it out...anything that has a drive letter in Windows Explorer should work....maybe u need to MAP the camera to a drive....

    dont know if it will work...just try it out

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