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August 16, 2004
Fribourg (CH)
Hey folks!

the new myPrograms just made it for the next MP version!

There are tons of news, some small hints to get you started:

* Migration: myPrograms creates a new DB and migrates everything
             you had before into the new database file. So first
             startup can be a bit slower (but only if you have tons
             of items defined).,

What's new?

+ GROUPERS: you can add "groupers" to have more than one level
            of programs. Add groupers and assign existing apps
            with drag&drop in the treeview (drag an application to
            the new fatherapplication)
+ FAVOURITES: Any fileitem can be added as a LINK to a grouperitem
              Call the filelist, select the items, click "Add To Favourites"
              and select the grouper item in the popup to assign
              (drag&drop doesn't work yet in this case).
              Deleting a favourite link in a grouper item does not delete
              the fileitem itself.
              You can mix files of different programs in one grouper item.
+ DUPLICATE: In the treeview you can duplicate an existing application by
             doing a drag&drop WITH THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (sort of a hidden
             feature, I know :) ).
+ IMPORT IN SETUP: whenever the application type permits, you can 
                   run the database import in the setup screen.
+ TESTLAUNCH: in setup, you can select a fileitem and click LAUNCH. 
              If there is an exception, you will be informed directly
              (so no need to launch MP just to see settings are not ok yet!)
+ PINCODES: any application can be protected by a 4 digit pincode
+ SUBDIRECTORIES: Directory Cache mode supports subdirectories now. While
                  updating the database, myPrograms will scan all subdirectories
+ REFRESH: the refresh option in the MP GUI can be disabled if you don't want that
           button to be clicked using the remote control :)
+ PLUGIN TITLE: in root node, you can change the home button caption "my programs"
                to anything you want. Be careful though.... :)

known problems:
IMPORT IN SETUP: the progress display at the bottom of the screen freezes sometimes
                 (but import runs correctly, so be patient....) :)                                                    
LAUNCH IN INFO SCREEN: if you launch a program in the <F3> details screen, MP will
                       display a "missing file....." message after exiting the program.
                       workaround: press <ESC>
                       This does not occur when launching the program in the filelist mode.
Have fun!



Portal Pro
August 16, 2004
Fribourg (CH)
lugiber said:
Great work!
Thanks Dude!
Wish I had the time to update the myPrograms wiki documentation.....
it's really necessary to kick out the old screenshots and to describe the new stuff..... new examples would also be handy.....

so stay tuned for more... :)!


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