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August 16, 2004
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Re: is it possible to implement some sort of program scanner

megadeth said:
Can it be possible to add a wisard that scans all program shortcuts that are located on the widows desktop?
Yes, this should be possible now already (didn't try).

Alos, is it possible to make wisard for each type of application, so the setup will be more user friendly and eseary for non PC engineer to add applications to MP? :oops:

Yes, I know the setup windows are just too loaded! Wizards make sense only once the underlying setup forms are stable....
Is there a specific situation where you have problems (apart from the Desktop-Shortcut listing?).




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October 29, 2004
Hi !

No, it was just some ideers from my side to make it more user friedly, from my childs point of view :) ..esay to add games , applications and so on.

Kind regards


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  • April 27, 2004
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    Hi waeberd,

    i am currently exploring your plugin, great work! :) I am using it mainly for windows games and so this feature request came up:

    Check for right CD in drive. Some games need a CD in the drive and if i forget that, i get a nasty windows dialog box. It would be nice to get this box from MP. ;)

    Possible solutions
    1) Simple way: Just add a checkbox in the application setup called "Ask for CD". If i select this application in MP i will get a dialog box from MP, which reminds me to insert the right CD
    2) More comfortable: My Applications could check if the right CD is in the drive. Like My Videos, if i am in database view and select a offline DVD. Is the right DVD in the drive, it is played, if not i am asked to insert it.
    3) Point number 2 and support for deamon tools to mount images from HD, before running a application / game. :)

    Thanx for your great work! 8)


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