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Should thesportsdb data have separate plugin?

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    MySports [25-03-2018]
    MySports is plugin for MediaPortal for browsing crowd-sourced sport database | Free Sports API and Metadata

    • Browse leagues, teams, events for different sports
    • Browse sport calendar
    • Import your local sport files
    Planned features (To-do list)
    • Dashboard (results, schedules) for favourite leagues, team, players
    • League, seasons, events levels for local files view
    • Browsing events by seasons
    • Showing details in context menu
    • Players lineup
    • LiveScores event details
    • Localization
    • Extended file parsing (new regexes, custom expressions from users, parsing sub-events like race, qualification etc)
    • New views (banners, posters) and sorting items
    Known bugs
    • Clicking on facade item before facade loading finished will not stop previous level's items from adding to facade.
    Supported skins
    • DefaultWide
    • DefaultWideHD
    • PurevisionHD (not included)
    • @zag2me for creating TheSportsDB
    • @Ovokx for outstanding cotribution to site
    • @catavolt for mentoring and skin refactoring
    • @123vak123 for outstanding bug reporting
    Supporter MediaPortal versions
    1.2.0 and higher
    Project site
    New Events | Mp-MySports Project | Assembla
    through MPEI or Extensions plugin or from MediaPortal site MySports
    Attention | Free Sports API and Metadata is driven by users so join the site, upload images, edit teams and you will make greater both site and plugin
    Hi all,
    I've found recently that thesportsdb was created in addition to such databases as themoviedb, theaudiodb and logosdb.
    So finally we could have centralized source for sports data for plugin. (y)
    Currently we have highly configurable ScoreCenter which can show data from huge amount of sites. On the other hand, thesportsdb data is not configurable.
    So I'm not sure if I should make patch for ScoreCenter or make separate plugin.
    My own opinion is to start from scratch since many new windows should be implemented (player, team, event) and ScoreCenter should stay configurable.
    What do you think?
    19-47-00.png 19-47-38.png 19-48-25.png 19-48-44.png 19-49-12.png 19-50-07.png 19-43-56.png 19-44-05.png 19-45-53.png 19-46-19.png 19-46-26.png 307074_12-36-38.png 307075_12-36-58.png 307076_12-37-58.png 307077_12-39-16.png 307066_12-32-59.png 307067_12-33-58.png 307068_12-34-44.png 307073_12-35-16.png 306364_11-47-00.jpg 306365_11-47-25.jpg 306366_11-47-43.jpg 306367_11-47-52.jpg 306368_11-48-14.jpg 306369_11-48-22.jpg 306370_11-49-05.jpg 306360_11-46-20.jpg 306361_11-46-29.jpg 306362_11-46-37.jpg 306363_11-46-49.jpg
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    Ok, I've decided to make a separate plugin.
    SportDB API wrapper is done. Now it's time to make MediaPortal GUI. All ideas, design mockups are welcomed. ;)
    First ugly screens. :censored:


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