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June 23, 2005
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I really like the interface that MP offers, and I run it as a front end everywhere I have windows deployed in the house. I also run a couple of Linux servers, one that I have devoted to Mythv.

I do all my heavy recording and scheduling of my favorite TV programs using the web interface for mythtv. Then I Samba share out my record directory to my windows MP machines. I have installed the codec to read the weird mp4 files, and Viola, a poor mans integration with Mythtv!

The only problem with this configuration is that the file names that are used by mythtv are cryptic, and hard to find the pre-recorded program you want to watch cumbersome.

I know that Mythtv uses MySQL to store it's meta data about the files it creates from recorded TV, and I could see how a plugin could be created to connect to Mythtv DB for this meta information. It would be really cool to get the .png file for display that mythtv creates. This would allow a very nice looking integration, complementing both technologies.

Now, if I could just code..... :wink:

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