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I am using a flatpanel monitor as my display (15" iiyama 4:3 LCD), it is actually larger than my current TV screen. In fact, I started getting interested in htpc apps when I got this display...

Currently the screen calibration feature of MP only allows to set overscan. With this display, I would rather need "underscan" or zoom.
I played with gottv, I has the nice ability to allow setting zoom and offset per channel.

The ability to zoom in MP would be great; zooming by channel would be outstanding.

[edit]Gee. Now I see I am among the 6% people with this setup: :)
I guess I'll try tweaking MP conf meself and see if I've any luck[/edit]


Usable workaround

This has worked for me for tv in OVERLAY mode:
1) go to settings and set any value for overscan, then back to the home screen and exit
2) In the MP install dir, there is now a file, in my case it was called "calibration720x576.xml".
Open it, e.g. with notepad
3) Change values in the following keys:
<entry name="overscanleft">
<entry name="overscantop">
<entry name="overscanwidth">
<entry name="overscanheight">
What I chose do to was add 10% to my 720x576 screen, which is 792x634.
Then I centered the image. The result is:
<entry name="overscanleft">-36</entry>
<entry name="overscantop">-29</entry>
<entry name="overscanwidth">792</entry>
<entry name="overscanheight">634</entry>
4) Save the file. Restart MP and watch the result

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work in VMR9 windowless mode ???


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