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    so i get a small suggestion/critic for the website.

    Here is the scenario:
    When ever i want to click on "Alerts" or "Forum" button (top left to get back to the main forum page), often my cursor comes from above these links. Because i just clicked on the bookmark to open the forum, or i closed another bookmark etc.
    So in 99% of the times, my curser then gets over the navigation bar of the main site, and a dropdown menu opens, which then is ontop of the link i wanted to click on.
    For example, i open the forum from my bookmark on the top of my bowser, the forum opens, and i see i get 1 alert. I move my cursor down to the Alerts link an the menu for Forum opens infront of Alerts.

    So what i suggest is, that these menu buttons only react to mouse click and not mouse over, or that they just react to mouse over for 2 seconds or so.

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