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January 19, 2011
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Hi guys,

while I've tested the new mce remote plugin I found some issues in terms of navigation.

I noticed that some "navigation orders" should be changed in the titanium skin in MediaPortal 2. With "navigation order" I mean the order in which the buttons are selected when I navigate through the software. (it could be also in other skins, I'll check that)

- When a video is running and I step back on the home screen in "titanium" he always selects the video navigation tool bar instead of the main screen buttons.
- When no video is running and you skip back to the main screen he hasn't selected any main screen button. So you don't see where the cursor is in navigation.
- When I select the left context menu (i.e. the menu when I wanted to search for a network mp2 server) and I press right not the actual window elements are selected. Instead he selects the upper left navigation "Start>...>...".

I suppose that there are some others. Are there any future plans to have a specific look on navigation in MP2?
Are such things solvable generically or do such things have to be changed for every single window?

I think that the navigation in MP1 is really advanced and that many things could be addapted from there.

What do you think?


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    A few of these things are known and imo definitely needs to be improved, but I am not sure, yet how this has to be done. I would not like to see it it solve like in MP1 by defining the next (onleft, onright,etc..) and default controls manually for each screen, because this is approach is too static and might need too much maintenance.
    I am not sure how this can be solved properly. Maybe it it is possible to use the skin / screen inheritance features of MP2 to define some of these once for an amount similar screen etc.

    There was an existing mantis issue regarding navigation in settings only. I've renamed it to make it more general:

    It is a good start to document all kind of navigation issues cleanly with current and expected behavior. Thanks.


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  • December 17, 2010
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    it could be also in other skins, I'll check that
    It's the same in Reflexion, Raising and Default, so it's a global issue. And I really would prefer a "global" solution rather than an approach as in MP1.

    It's not bad to have the choice to define the navigation explicit in a skin file but it saves a lot of work for a skinner, if you're not forced to define the navigation on every screen. If I have to choose I would take the global navigation and miss the explicit one, but prefer to have both options.

    At some point in not that far future I will start to port my BackVision Skin to MP2. So I'm really interested in this area of MP2 development...
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    September 18, 2011
    A lot better with one behaviour regardless of skin used.
    Myself i would like another "back" step from the home screen returning to whatever media is playing if there is a media playing

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