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April 26, 2013
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Hi folks.

Looking at replacing my WDTV box which I stream to from my PC with a dedicated HTPC.

I'm primarily looking to manage and view my vast collection of blu rays and DVD's and use something like Mediaportal to access. I would also use it as the dedicated box for accessing Netflix which my PS3 is currently pointed at and then streaming that onto the Telly or Projector.

The issue I may ( or may not have) is everything I currently own is connected using HDMI. All my video and sound are pumped down HDMI into an HDMI switch and then onto different receivers for processing. It's a multi room setup.

Having read some posts across various forums , I get the feeling audio over HDMI in a HTPC can be dodgy at the best of times and many posts seem to refer to lots of hair pulling and gnashing of teeth etc.

I'm really looking for a stable setup, running on Windows that is a movie server first and foremost with a great looking interface for the kids and family to use. It wouldn't be used for gaming or much else for that matter ( apart from Netflix ). I'm not looking to insert any TV cards etc at this stage as SKY/Satellite gives me everything I need in that space.

With my current setup of PS3, SKY, DVD and WDTV feeding into an 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch I can feed different sources to an LCD in one room and my projector in another. I'm hoping a good HTPC will simply swap out the WDTV without any issues with audio etc and I can slot 2 or 3 HDD's inside and drop some movies onto the box.

Any tips or advice appreciated prior to me offloading a chunk of cash to run into subsequent problems. Thanks again.

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