*NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]


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    InfoService is a plugin for that provides weather/feed and twitter informations on the home screen. It has also a feed reader and a little twitter client built in. The plugin is for MediaPortal users and skinners who want to have some information on their MediaPortal homescreen.


    • Supports RDF (RSS 1.0), RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds
    • Receives weather data (+ 5 day forecast) from National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report
    • Receives multiple feeds
    • Receives your twitter timelines
    • Update your twitter status
    • Update your twitter status when video playback started
    • Open all links within a twitter message in a webrowser (Needs a extra plugin)
    • Show different feeds and weather locations on basichome screen
    • Read the complete feed in a browser window (Needs an extra plugin)
    • Multi-Language (English, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish and much more)


    editfeed_on_feeds.png feeds.png weather.png twitter.png advancedconf_on_twitter.png mp1.jpg mp2.png mp3.jpg mp4.jpg mp5.png mp6.png mp7.png mp8.png

    Project page

    • InfoService - Project page of InfoService, hosted by Codeplex


    Overall Documentation - If you have some questions about InfoService, then you'll find here the answer


    Download latest stable version ( as MPE1 package
    Download latest stable version ( as RAR package

    Report a issue / Send a feature suggestion

    If you've found a issue or have a suggestion you can post it here or create a item in the issue tracker of Codeplex. Please be sure that you've enabled the debug mode of InfoService. For more information please read that.

    Version v1.66:
    [+] Added popup on news update (configurable with timeout)
    [*] Disabled recently added/watched features
    [*] Improved image parsing from feed (more feed images for RSS feeds should be parsed, too small images will be dropped)
    [*] Made log better readable
    [*] Improved support for RDF feeds
    [*] Improved downloading of Twitter profile images
    [*] Updated support for WebBrowser plugin
    [-] Fixed image loading from cache (if fails, will be redownloaded)
    [-] Fixed encoding issue for feed text
    [-] Fixed cache deletion
    [-] Fixed couple of bugs and updated localization
    [-] Fixed wrong epsiode number when posting a Twitter message
    [i] Release for MediaPortal 1.2.0 and above
    [i] Many languages files are not updated yet for v1.66 (only German and English). If you have some with untranslated labels please have a look in your language file

    Version v1.62:
    [-] Fixed weather crash bug

    Version v1.61:
    [+] New Properties: #infoservice.feed.itemtype and #infoservice.twitter.itemtype to replace hard coded labels in the skin (Feed items and Twitter items)
    [+] Added new placeholders for ticker (%itemindex%, %itemsource%)
    [+] Added setting of properties #infoservice.feed.INDEX.titles and #infoservice.feed.INDEX.img where INDEX is feed index (0 = all feeds, 1 = first one, 2 = ...)
    [+] Added new language: Portuguese (Brazilian)
    [+] Options can now be used with keyboard shortcuts (ALT + underlined letter).
    [+] Added feed item filtering
    [+] Added separate tickers masks and separators for normal feeds and all feeds
    [+] "Browse The Web" webbrowser is now supported
    [*] Improved loading of localization files
    [*] Better logging of parsing errors
    [*] Improved image parsing from feed
    [*] RecentlyAdded items now have age, will be removed after 7 days
    [*] Current thread is now logged, too
    [-] Fixed threading problems when updating GUI components
    [-] Fixed some problems with recently added
    [-] Fixed some typos in recently added
    [-] Fixed feed & twitter selection on GUI screens
    [-] Fixed update problem when users changes weather location via weather screen
    [-] Fixed crash, if feed title is very long
    [!] Many languages files are not updated yet for v1.61 (only German and English). If you have some with untranslated labels please have a look in your language file

    Version v1.6:
    [+] Added Danish, French, English (US) and English (GB) language
    [+] Added support for local feed files
    [+] Added check if the added feed file / feed url is a valid feed before adding feed
    [+] Added own configuration file
    [+] Added Blue3 skin files
    [+] Added property #infoservice.feed.selected.sourcefeed
    [+] Added selection for second line of the "All Feeds" view. The user can now select to show feed publish time, the source feed name or both.
    [+] The used Webbrowser plugin (WebBrowser, GeckoBrowser or other) can now be selected in the advanced configuration
    [+] Last selected feed/twitter item will be selected on open Twitter or Feeds page
    [+] Improved tweeting of TV series/shows a lot!
    [*] Changed Blue3Wide and Blue3 to show the feed image instead of feed item image
    [*] Reworked SkinSettings. SkinSettings will now overwrite user settings, but the will not saved permanently
    [*] Cache folder of twitter and feed is now configurable in the advanced configuration
    [*] Overridden settings by skin are marked in the configuration dialog now
    [*] Duo MediaPortal code change in property system, changed some weather and Recently Added properties (See Skin changelog v1.5 to v1.6)
    [*] Removed MaxTemp and MinTemp from weather today properties, because they are not right for some cities
    [*] Log file is now not locked while MediaPortal is running
    [-] Fixed some logging issues
    [-] Fixed recently added system
    [-] Fixed some weather inconstancies.
    [-] Fixed some rare crashes duo threading issues.
    [-] Fixed false download of other files (only image files are now downloaded) by the Feed Service
    [-] Fixed language misspellings for English and Italian
    [i] Compiled against MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC4
    [!] Duo the use of a own configuration file, you have to setup InfoService again, sorry

    Version v1.5:
    [+] Added recently added feature, which shows you the recently added movies and series
    [+] Improved twitter client
    [+] A brand new twitter screen with all twitter messages and timelines
    [+] Post twitter status updates
    [+] Open web links in a twitter message in a WebBrowser window
    [+] Download all twitter timelines, not only one
    [+] Post automatically twitter status update, if you watching a video
    [+] Twitter uses now OAuth to connect
    [+] Faster overall download times of feed and twitter
    [+] Improved logging (for better error detection)
    [+] Added multilanguage support (English, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish for now)
    [+] Weather is now updated as soon as you change your weather in the MediaPortal weather GUI
    [+] Many new properties (See Skin changelog v1.32 to v1.5)
    [+] Added skin settings (See Skin developer guide)
    [-] A tons of bugs fixed, so many to count them all
    [i] Completely rewritten!
    [i] InfoService is now open source!

    Version v1.32:
    [-] Fixed empty entry in the normal home menu

    Version v1.31:
    [-] Fixed forgotten humidity property for each day (night and day)
    [-] Fixed some forgotten translations

    Version v1.3:
    [+] Added a "last updated" property for feed, weather and twitter
    [+] Added a button to download the default feed name on the Add Feed dialog
    [+] Added much more weather properties. See thread/readme for details
    [+] Added possibility to change the ticker layout
    [*] Default settings are now loaded if the plugin is used for the first time (Feed ticker with MediaPortal RSS on, Weather on)
    [-] Fixed no image download for atom feeds
    [-] Fixed that the plugin is not showing on the normal home screen
    [!] Removed Monochrome skin files

    Version v1.2:
    [+] Added option to disable/enable the feed item publish time
    [-] Fixed the rare crash when downloading twitter timeline, hopefully ;)

    Version v1.1:
    [+] New propertys #infoservice.feed.separator/ #infoservice.twitter.separator which holds the separator string of feed/twitter line
    [-] False feed image is showed when "Show all feeds on home" is activated and after entering InfoService screen
    [-] Fixed download location of feed images
    [i] Duo the false download location of the feed images you can delete the folder "C:\Temp\InfoService\"
    [!] The webbrowser part of InfoSerivce moved into a separate WebBrowser plugin. So if you want to read your feeds completely, you need the WebBrowser plugin which can be found here ...

    Version v1.0:
    [+] There are to much changes to list them Mainly bugfixes and a better browser handling. Try and test yourself.

    Version v0.99.3:
    [*] Changed zoom keys on remote and keyboard to Play previous/next key
    [-] Fixed false sizing of browser window, if MediaPortal is not in fullscreen mode
    [-] Fixed no weather download (Sorry for that)

    Version v0.99.2:
    [+] Added default zoom option for each feed
    [+] Added option to change zoom steps
    [*] Improved browser zooming feature
    [-] Fixed false size of feed browser

    Version v0.99.1:
    [-] Fixed false resolving of #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.small/big.filenamewithoutext and changed name of #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.small/big.filename to #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.small/big.filenamewithext
    [-] Fixed feed downloading problem with some feeds

    Version v0.99:
    [+] Added and changed propertys #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.big/small.fullpath, #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.big/small.filename, #infoservice.weather.today/dayX.img.big/small.filenamewithoutext
    [+] Added possibility to read the whole feed in a browser window (incl. zoom)
    [-] Fixed not showing of own feed image

    Version v0.94:
    [+] Readded the #infoservice.feed.alltitles property
    [-] Removed forgotten debug code

    Version v0.93:
    [+] Added sorting for feed items, because some feeds are not sorted by date
    [-] Fixed publish time was shown even if the feed item has no publish time

    Version v0.92:
    [+] Added feed item publish time to each feed item
    [+] Added wait notification on manual update
    [-] Fixed no update of weather and twitter data when pressing "Refresh" button
    [-] Fixed no weather data for some timezones

    Version v0.9:
    [+] Added new button on InfoService window to show itmes of all feeds on basichome
    [+] Added possibilty to change weather in MediaPortal (just change weather in the weather screen and wait for the next update)
    [*] #infoservice.feed.itemimg will be empty if there is no feed item image found
    [*] Old feed data is used if there was a download error
    [*] Reverted back to use the MediaPortal weather configuration
    [*] Removed property #infoservice.feed.alltitles
    [-] Fixed bugs here and there ;)
    [-] Fixed filling of #infoservice.feed.selectedindex
    [-] Fixed weather data is off by one day

    Version v0.85:
    [+] Added new feed configuration dialog
    [+] Added sort feature for your feeds in the feed configuration dialog
    [*] #infoservice.feed.itemimg filled with default image if no feed item imaged is found
    [-] Fixed last selected feed is not active on basichome after update
    [-] Fixed no refresh of feed items in the infoscreen window after feed update
    [-] Fixed that #infoservice.today.weekday and #infoservice.day2.weekday shows the same weekday

    Version v0.81:
    [-] #infoservice.feed.selectedfeed will now be filled
    [-] Fixed crash if infoservice thumb dir not exists

    Version v0.8:
    [+] Added automatic download of feed logo (if feed logo is found)
    [+] Added check if entered feed is an url
    [+] Added feed download error dialog on infoservice window
    [+] Added new option to change the max items per feed if you use the #infoservice.feed.alltitles
    [+] Added new propetry items #infoservice.feed.selectedindex, #infoservice.feed.selectedtitle, #infoservice.feed.itemcount, #infoservice.feed.alltitles, #infoservice.feed.type and #infoservice.feed.selectedfeed
    [+] Added plugin configuration to log output (Not the twitter user and password!)
    [+] Feed item images are now shown in the listcontrol
    [*] Better error handling for weather service
    [*] Changed all property names for clearer indentification
    [*] Increased the maximum of items to 100 for feeds and twitter (don't know why i've locked this)
    [-] Fixed crash when weather.com returns a error
    [-] Fixed some html encoding erros

    Version v0.71:
    [*] Removed word wrap between the conditions
    [-] Fixed forgotten localization of forecast conditions

    Version v0.7:
    [+] Added new property #feeditemimg that holds a image of a feed item
    [+] Added own configuration for weather
    [+] Added possibility to read feeds and download pictures for feed item (only rss 2.0)

    Version v0.6:
    [+] Added support for RDF (RSS 1.0) and Atom feeds
    [*] Again better error and log handling
    [*] Changed property name from #rssfeed -> #feedtitles, #rssimg -> #feedimg as the plugin now supports more than rss feeds
    [*] Removed the last separator on the feed and twitter line.

    Version v0.5:
    [+] Added possibility to add more than one rss feed
    [+] Added possibility to change the rss feed on basichome with a dirty trick (hope it work as expected) :/
    [*] Changed error and log handling
    [i] Rewrite of ca. 75% code for a easier way to add more services

    Version v0.22:
    [*] Day labels are now translated by MediaPortal

    Version v0.21:
    [-] Fixed #day4label resolving
    [-] Fixed #todaylabel resolves the wrong day

    Version v0.2:
    [+] Added a twitter ticker
    [+] Added day labes for each day

    Version v0.12:
    [-] Fixed crash if there is no internet connection

    Version v0.11:
    [-] Fixed crash if no location is found
    [-] Fixed crash if timeformat in rss feed wrong

    Version v0.1:
    [+] First release


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  • December 17, 2010
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    AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    Any chance to have a working weather forecast again? Maybe using Worldweather plugin instead of the not working internal?


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  • October 27, 2008
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    Re: AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    Any chance to have a working weather forecast again? Maybe using Worldweather plugin instead of the not working internal?
    I don't think I will be replacing weather provider soon, no time. Weather support will most likely be removed in next version.
    Just to ask, because I haven't tried it yet, is there anything wrong with using https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/mediaportal-plugins-47/worldweather-plugin-v0-2-5-mediaportal-v1-2-0-higher-102775/? :)

    When I will be doing some work on weather in InfoService it will most likely include new window + support for scrappers. That's something I wanted to do since long time ago anyhow.


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  • April 11, 2005
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    WorldWeather works fine for me, some have reported issues with the daylight calc routine. It is based upon Long & Lat entries and seems to have issues with different cultures number formatting (author Micropolis is on holiday during such a critical time ;) ). It "only" provides 4 days at the moment but provides its own info for Home.


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  • December 17, 2010
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    AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    WorldWeater seems to do the job quite well, but not in Basic home screen. This was done by InfoService up to now. That's why I ask.


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    AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    Made up all necessary files for Default/Default Wide (including BasicHome changes). The files for DL are in the World Weather thread ;)


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  • December 17, 2010
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    AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    I've modified backdrop to use worldweather infos on basic home screen...
    So forget that I've asked, it's not necessary any more ;)


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    September 17, 2011
    I have just installed this mod for the first time. I'm currently using the defaultwide skin and have set up a number of feeds. the ticker does not display on my home screen when I enter MP. If I access the InfoService plugin though I can see they have all pulled there RSS feed info. Any reason I wouldn't be getting the ticker info, on the home screen?

    edit. it seems to work on only the Basic Home screen and not on the classic.


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    January 3, 2008
    AW: *NEW* InfoService v1.66 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather [30-09-2011]

    Hello I can't reach the Buttons to the bottom. (Advanced, Ok, Cacelled). So I can't save anything.

    I have attached a Screenshot


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