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Perhaps it's an idiomatic thing. But my original post roughly breaks down to:

Sentence 1) The problem with links on the Web in general. This was to head off people saying the links aren't blue underlined because that style is ugly. I know it is, but it had nice properties, which is what my point was. (I suppose if read the wrong way, people could take offense to this line, but given that this move away from visual cues happened years ago, I'm not entirely sure who would read it as such.)

Sentences 2 & 3) Succinctly detail what I feel the usability problem is.

Sentence 4) A polite to request to "please consider" a different style. Note I didn't even ask for it to be changed. I asked for someone involved to take a look at the site, take my comments into account, try to view the site as a new user would, and derive his own conclusion. This appears to be what luke is doing now. Once again though, I'm not sure how I could have been more polite with that request. Feel free to suggest ways.

As for other people misunderstanding, it seems almost everyone thought I was talking about the forum rather than the main site. I'm not sure how I could have made that any clearer given that I provided the link. Furthermore, I don't know what that misunderstanding has to do with tact. If you mean everyone read it as Khris did, then I guess I don't see evidence in any of the other posts to support that claim.

At the end of the day, there's a lot in language that cannot be conveyed via a text messaging system. Immediately being defensive is not going to work in such an an environment. It's far better to give people the benefit of the doubt than it is to assume they have nefarious intentions. I think this is all orthogonal to why the thread degraded in the first place, but I hope you get my point.

In any event, I apologize to anyone that read my original post as something unfavorable. It was not my intention for it to come out that way. Just to provide some more context . . . Having been involved with several OSS projects, I know it can be difficult to work hard for no pay. I know you can't please everyone all the time. I also know that usability is a big part to a product's success and is a part that often gets overlooked because once you learn to adapt to any such problems, it's easy to assume everyone else will too. UI design is hard, even for a Web site, and I'd hate to see MediaPortal limiting its exposure due to potential problems such as this.


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    If this thread continues i will lock it down. None of anyone who matters was rude to you and i won't say sorry for anyone, including myself for our actions. you are taking a simple html problem and escalating it into a bigger problem then it ever should have been. Stop commenting on this thread before i will lock it. points have been made and all will be taken into consideration.

    Btw, as you said you can't please everyone so if you don't see any changes to the website know that we did take your comments into consideration.

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