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November 20, 2011
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Started on: 2011-12-15
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Add a new method and behaviour for playing video files.

Videos (and, hopefully, associated plugins such as MPTV-Series, MyFilms, etc...)

I currently know of two ways to play videos in MediaPortal with two separate behaviour:
(1) Selecting a video file will play that video and then return to the menu screen when the video ends or is stopped.
(2) Selecting a folder will (if the set-up option allow) play all the files in that folder.

I have recently moved to MP from using a Western Digital WDTV and it had a feature which I found useful:
(1) If you highlighted a file in the current list and pressed "enter", the file would play and then return to the menu - same as MP.
(2) BUT: if you highlighted a file and pressed "play", the file would play and then the player would continue playing all the subsequent files in the listing. So if (for example) you highlighted episode 3 in a TV series, it would play ep 3, then 4, then 5, etc... all the way to the end of the series/season.

This "play" behaviour also extended to the "chapter skip" button, where if you went past the end of the current file, the next file would be loaded and played.

Very useful when watching TV or anime series. :)


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    AW: New "play" method

    You can use the playlist feature for that?!


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    November 20, 2011
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    Re: AW: New "play" method

    You can use the playlist feature for that?!
    Yes, I could... but this is something most stand-alone media players are capable of doing without first having to go through the trouble of creating a playlist.

    Playlists come into their own where you want to play an eclectic mix of videos or music. "Best of" from your favourite artists, "Xmas mix", that sort of thing. To simply play a set of videos in a folder from video#3 onwards should not require me to create a playlist specifically for that. What happens if I then stop at episode #7? Do I then have to create yet another playlist so that I can try to watch episodes 8-12? It's overkill (from a user's point of view).

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    I whole heartedly agree, files in same folder should play all as music already does, the exception for me would be TVSeries, so it would need to be configurable, MP2 is going down this road by design.

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