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    @spachti - Thank you. :) We thought that the description makes it clear which server to choose. Someone who handles with MediaPortal should be used to installers, different versions and descriptions that help him to choose the right one...

    "Website is not reachable":
    Of course the website is reachable. Just checked it 5 minutes ago. Maybe you had bad luck and the site was in maintenance?! No idea but it is definitely online.

    " have to work out which one I need to install"
    As mentioned above: The description is clear which installer to choose.

    "why I have to install a server component when your app could make use of the WiFi Remote plugin"
    The reasons are simple. The WIFIRemote plugin is not as good documented as I hoped it would be and after hours of >try and error< I decided to write it by myself and just focus on functionality we need. You could manage it to install the Bonjour service, the wifi remote plugin and even configured it correctly but you complain about installing a self configuring plugin? That makes no sense. You could drop the bonjour service from your system and uninstall WIFIRemote if you decide for one remote... Your system would be sleeker

    " I wish I had paid 2 dollars for an app that I cant really be bother anymore"
    Oh yes... two Dollars.. the old discussion. With that you really got me and this is the last time I will discuss on it:
    What is an app worth that made dozens or hundreds of hours of work? It seems that a daily package of cigarettes that poisons you has more value (don't actually know if you're a smoker but I think you get the idea). Or people have money for an super expensive iPhone where you mostly pay for the brand and not on functionality or hardware... But then affording an app for one or two dollars is hardly standable..
    Some people forget that apps are a lot of work and you have running costs (Apple Developer Program / Website Hosting / Energy and TIME)...
    Yes - we app developers are all super rich I forgot. Sorry that is something that pisses me off very bad. People have money for all kind of things but not for useful and honest work.
    PRO TIP: Next time when you are frustrated because of an app: there is a money back functionality in the app store. Apple gives you your 2 Dollars back if you are unsatisfied with an app...

    "you broke my trust"
    I am sorry to hear that why did you wait a month without contacting our support?

    In general: If you have any issues with the remote you can contact us directly over facebook (we included the link in the app).
    We spend a lot of time with working on it. We have plans to extend the app as the iOS users don't have much choice on remote using MediaPortal and we want to change it. Please leave the app installed and wait for updates. The next version is in the pipeline and has some awesome features everyone with music on the mediacenter will love. If you have any problems with make the app run - contact us over Facebook.

    Thanks for you reply. Firstly I didn't say the website was unreachable from the web it was unreachable from within the app. If it was down for maintenance why doesn't it so. and anyway the problem is with the splash screen link to http://mediaportalemote.com/ note the missing r. That is what I was saying.

    The month I was talking about was not the length of time that went by before I reported the problem the month it was how long the app had been out with the obvious kinks not having being ironed out. As far as having to choose which version of the server to download I was trying to say that if you had a MPEI version of your installer then you could tie a particular version of that to the particular back-end version and the user wouldn't need to know. Make it seamless and cut out the amount of installation steps people need to take.

    I dont use facebook so you need to provide a Contact Us javascript widget or something on your website if you want people to give you feedback when things go wrong. There easy to install and again would give a professional and seamless edge to your efforts.If you don't want to do that at least have a Contact us with a link to your facebook page on the front page of the website as well as from within the app.

    I'm not saying I dont appreciate the work you've done what I am saying is that for 2 dollars I expect it to work out of the box and it did not for me. Given the economies of scale on the app store $1.40 for each app you sell can be a tidy sum but not if it doesn't work for people.

    As for uninstalling bonjour etc I shouldn't have to and I need it installed for trying out CouchPotato. BTW the bonjour service is installed as part of an itunes installation so I didn't need to install it manually. As for no documentation for wifi remote why do you need that when you can look at the source https://code.google.com/p/wifiremote/source/checkout.

    Good luck and I'll give it one more try when you have an update.


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    As for no documentation for wifi remote why do you need that when you can look at the source https://code.google.com/p/wifiremote/source/checkout.
    Thanks for linking that! I moved the project to Github, the new URL is https://github.com//WifiRemote.
    Also there is a lot of documentation in the wiki:
    @ElSanto84 if you want to let me know via PM what could be improved for the documentation I would be happy to fix that :) Thanks!


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    Hello @catch22,

    thank you for your feedback again. Now it makes more sense what you were talking about and thank you for the hints and tips to improve the app :)
    Its been a while now since the last update and I have been busy with the app. The next version should come out soon and will support music media browsing with a cover wall. I will try to improve in that next version the things you have mentioned.

    @Shukuyen - Thank you Shuyuken :) Will come back to your offer maybe one day.


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    Hi ElSanto. Great App! I really enjoy it, and it's well worth the 2 bucks if you ask me. One request, if you could look into it:

    when the app loses focus (iPhone goes to standby, using other app, etc) and I go back to mpremote, to start a new episode, I have lost my connection to my pc. I have to press the Mediaportal logo in the app which brings me to the start screen, where I press the green connect button. Do you think it is possible to have some kind of keepalive routine in the app which reconnects with mediaportal (or at least tries to) whenever the app comes back to the foreground?

    I have auto connect switched on in the settings, but this only works when I start the app the first time.

    It's really only a minor minor annoyance, but if you find a way to fix it, that would really make this app perfect.

    And a feature request: I like to use subtitles, and the standard plugin for mediaportal works fine. But I have to go to menu, and then select a few things before I can download the subs. Do you think there is a way to make a button, linking to some kind of macro or something to automate this a bit more? Maybe this is kinda hard because the menus to go through are very different for mptvseries and movingpictures.


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    I have been using your app for a couple of years with great success, but now I am facing a problem.

    The app will not start-up on my iphone. I get the splash screen for approx. 30 sec. and then it disappears and shows the normal background screen (with my apps on). The app is still running (double click on the button and it show). If I select it it is not reacting to any inputs.

    It is an iphone 5C, with iOS 9.3.2 (13F69).

    It works better on my ipad (although it also happens 1 out of two/three times here).

    Seems to have started when I upgraded to iOS 9.3.2.

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