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January 13, 2009
I have a just built a nice HTPC from scratch - my first HTPC. After reading all the pros and cons I went with Vista 32 Ultimate. However after finding Media Center rather bland I started searching and found Media Portal to a work of art compared to MCE. I have everything running great ... all but the tv-server/program guide I just cannot get this to work.

I have a WinTV-HVR-1600 MC. I created an account on Zap2it and downloaded the zap2xml which spits out all the channel data from the account I created.

I had MP TV Server Config detect all the analog channels I get through the basic Comcast connection. I have a Digital antenna picking up about 10 free air DTV/HD Channels. I setup the xmltv plugin to grab the data. However I cannot get any of it to show up in the program guide... it always says no information available. This is a stand alone MediaPortal HTPC, I am not streaming to the rest of the house or anything. I just cannot get the tv programming part to work. And Media Center was a snap to setup... it just worked ... I dont mind a little setup but so far I cannot find a real guide as to how to get the EPG to work in mediaportal 1.... please help if you can...:confused:


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    I don't think zap2it works anymore. Try Schedules Direct plugin. Yes it costs a couple dollars a year for the subscription but well worth it to me to keep the service in business.

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