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December 2, 2012
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I'm working on the possibility of using MP as part of a project hotellerie.
I would like to equip the rooms with a TV and broadcast videos from a server MP.
Can you tell me the technical architecture to implement?
I also wondered if MP had a plugin VOD?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation



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    Hi Anthony,

    welcome to the world of MP ;-) And directly you target one of the most difficult setups, you aim high....

    Each TV in each room would need a PC, as the MP architecture requires windows PCs at the receiving end. Also, MP TV Server currently does not do multi-cast (I think, devs might prove me wrong). For the VOD I would use a plugin like Moving Pictures (and optionally TV Series) with centrally stored movies (which would then be share access).

    So depending on the number of rooms that access the system simultaneously your Network & Server would need to be big. Also stability might be an issue, as MP is solid, but not 100% rock solid (a reboot might be needed every now & then).


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  • August 7, 2009
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    we had a german discussion about this topic some months ago:ür-200-clients-erfahrungen.107913/

    The result was that mp is not prepared for this kind of usage, of course when money does not play a role than you have more options.
    For my opinion its too risky to offer a mp setup in a hotel, the guest wants to watch tv without any problems and thats a point you cant guarantee with mp.

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