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February 7, 2007
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Hi all,

because I had an error on my onbourd soundcard and this one didn´t have an optical out I changed last week to an Asus Xonar DG. The onboard device is disabled in the BIOS and completly uninstalled. After that I installed the new one. Watching
stored divx videos in the evening was no problem. Also watching tv is working fine - both with great sound.

But unfortunately I am not able to play my stored mp3 files anymore :confused:

All data ist stored on a Acer Aspire H341 Server and get via LAN to the MePo. I also tested to store the data localy - but with no success. I am using the bass engine for playback in MePo and have installed the last stable version.

In windows I am able to do the playback with VLC - so I didn´t have any idea where the error could be located (and I don´t want to reactivate the onboard card.....:mad:)

Has someone a helpfull hint? Thx in advance

Update If I change from BASS Engine to internal DShow Player it works...but I want my BASS Engine back - any ideas?


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  • November 25, 2006
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    AW: no MP3 playback possible after installing a new soundcard

    Hi, i had the same problem and it could be solved if you switch your sounddevices in mepo from directsound to (in my case!) speakers (asus xonar d1) audio device and also disable asus gx in the config panel of your soundcard. This helped for me, sound plays absolutely fine now! But one thing i would like to know if this is a mepo issue or a asus driver issue?!

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