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January 5, 2009
Canada Canada
Hey Guys/Gals

Just put together a new system with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS
OCZ SSD 60 Gig Hard Drive
8 Gigs of ram
in a Zotac Zbox Mini PC

It's Connected to a usb 3.0 Hitachi Hard Drive

I installed all the latest chipset drivers
Installed MP 1.2.1
Latest Streamed MP
Latest SAF 6.0 Codec Pack

I wanted it set up like my old system to at least get 5.1 audio through the spdif output
For the life of me I cant figure out why spdif isn't working. It seems to only recognize 2 channels (Stereo). When I go to a movie that has dts 5.1 in makes this loud screech noise then nothing, no sound at all.

Has anyone come across this issue with these mini boxes? am I better off buying an external usb sound card? I mean I have tried all kinds of combinations to get it to work. Seems that Windows installs its own drivers and this box comes with Realtek drivers. Can they co-exist? I have tried both at the same time then just uninstalled the realtek driver so I could watch tv with sound through the hdmi cable. I have an older recevier with only spdif input (no hdmi).

Any ideas are welcome.



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January 5, 2009
Canada Canada
well i finally got it to work.

installing saf 6 i had to also include ffdshow audio decoder as part of the installation.
in media portal i set ffdshow for all audio decoding instead of LAV.
in ffdshow i had to uncheck DTS so that i would get sound from movies that were dts 5.1(dont know why but this works).
I also noticed that AAC was disabled in ffdshow options by default so i enabled that and get proper sound from movies with aac 5.1.

now all seems to work.

1080p movies work well but cant seem to get the cpu usage below 20%. It seems to always fluctuate between 20 and 35%

maybe this is normal for this cpu....not sure


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October 26, 2011
Thanks, this worked for me. I have a ZBOX SD-ID12 that does have HDMI. I've been working on this all day. My symptoms are that Windows 7 Media Center live TV had no audio on the TV through HDMI. Everything else worked fine except this. Installed SAF 6 and all is well.



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March 17, 2013
Germany Germany
Hi, had quite a similar problem with Linux, but solved it through HDMI Loop over television - hardware work around which works quite fine: Zotac -> (HDMI) -> TV -> (optical SPDIF) ->AV Receiver.


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February 8, 2015
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
After couple of a months, I finnaly have DTS from my ZBOX Zotac to AV receiver!
SAF6 works great!....nothing needed some a special setup. Just installed and it was all.....
using WIN 8.1 64.....
Tnx guys......

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