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April 24, 2009
hello guys..:)

i'm new here in the development of mp. So i would like to ask u expert guys over here on my agenda. first thing first.

1. I have the mp source and have rebuild it. is it possible to run the mp from the vstudio without installing (like java, when you compile project on netbeans the app runs after that)...? :confused:
would like some directions and guide/tips from you guys. im also new to vs.

2. What can be strip from MP..? :confused: i would like to strip MP as basic as it can be..just the interface module and graphics is needed. :rolleyes:

3. I would to develop a login plugin for MP..Where do i start and some tips would be appreciate... :p

4. Dont know yet what to ask. After some learning and development understanding then will continue. ;)

Sorry for the disturbance and thanks. Every help will be appreciate.. :D

some help, anyone..? >.<

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