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I'm lost, not sure how to setup the tv tuner like in Media Center. I was trying this program out b/c Media Center is not finding all of the channels. I have basic Mediacom and Media Center only finds 28 channels. And they are numbered weird and some have no guide info. And some channels are just missing. But just need help setting up. I tried searching the wiki but lost there. Also tried opening up the Config program and did not see anything like adding the tv tuner and channels. Or in the settings.



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    Hello and welcome Tibbi :)

    So if I've understood correctly, you're trying to receive digital cable channels.
    You can check whether your tuner is recognised like this:
    1. Open up TV Server configuration.
    2. Expand the "TV Servers" node on the left. Select your computer.

    At this point you should see a list of the tuners that TV Server has discovered, something like this:

    You will have at least a radio web stream and DVB-IP/IPTV tuner. Those can be ignored. I suspect you will have two additional tuners in your list - one analog, and one ATSC. To receive digital cable channels you need to scan with the ATSC one.

    To scan:
    1. Expand <your computer name here> node - you should now see the tuners listed on the left hand side.
    2. Select the ATSC tuner.
    3. Tick "tune QAM instead of ATSC".
    4. I'd probably select "QAM standard" to start with, but if your cable provider uses a different frequency plan then you may need to try the other options.
    5. Click "scan for channels".

    Now, this may take some time. I'd encourage you to be patient and let the scan complete - depending on the cable provider, channels may not be found until the scan has been going for some time.

    Channels that are found will appear in the "TV Channels" and "radio channels" sections of TV Server configuration.
    The ones with red balls next to them are encrypted - you can't access them.
    The ones named "Unknown ..." are channels for which TV Server could not grab the name (cable providers don't have to supply PSIP - channel names, numbers and EPG - except for local channels when the local channels give their information to the provider). You can use "preview" to figure out which channels are which, and rename them as you like.


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