Not allowed to upload .bat or .cmd files to wiki / forum (1 Viewer)


  • It's safe to allow all users to upload .bat / .cmd files (given they can already upload .exe's)

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  • It's not safe, but I would be happy to relax restriction to users with > X posts

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  • It's not safe, keep the restriction for all regular users

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    Has anyone thought of removing this limitation?

    1. It's annoying
    2. .exe can be just as harmful, infact the .exe 's code is hidden from view
    3. Easy to circumvent by packaging in a .zip or asking users to rename the file upon downloading

    If you think it's dangerous then is it possible for either;
    users with > 200 posts are allowed to upload .bat / .cmd files
    team members are allowed to upload .bat / .cmd files


    Also a bit of personal background, I've had a large amount of files accidently deleted by a community plugin that is in the respository, whereas I have never had any files deleted by a community forum hosted script
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