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  • February 1, 2012
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    Although I have been using MePo for about a year, I have only just started taking the music section seriously having installed the Fanart plugin. I have to say with vers 1.3, Titan and Fanart I really am impressed and I doubt if I will ever use Windows Media Player again

    Although everything was displaying correctly I thought I should check the various options available. That was my mistake. On the Now Playing screen I have for some reason lost the Album Art in the bottom left hand corner (see attached screen grab). If I turn on Artist or Album info I then get the Album Art on an additional info strip so all the album art is there

    To try and bring back the album art on the main strip I have been checking and unchecking boxes with no success and so I hope someone can put me out of my self imposed misery by giving me some guidance

    For info, my music is ripped from CD's and the music folders contain pics of the album covers. I play the music using Playlists



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