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August 13, 2005
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At the moment a manual recording is fairly tough to schedule (at least in my opinion). The first few screens, up to where you set the date is fine (though perhaps a few friendly name overrides would be nice on the date screen. e.g. replace today's date with the word Today and tomorrow's date with Tomorrow, this is not a big deal though). However, scrolling through the list of 5 minute increments is a little tortuous, I think. This is something like 288 menu items.

What I would much prefer would be for the start and stop times to be able to be entered manually in 24 hour time using the 0-9 on the remote. This would allow for fine control over start/stop times as well as being (I think) significantly quicker/easier than the current system.

This is not a big deal, so feel free to ignore it. I just think it would help increase the usability of the manual recording facility.

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