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So I am interested in documentation. Someone said having summaries explaining the meaning of the controls on the live gui would be nice. I have no idea how the tips would be displayed but I think it would be nice :)

I was thinking the people who document/translate could be given a set of files similar to strings.xml. Something like this:
- In strings.xml
  <value>Enregistrer maintenant</value> 

- In tips.xml
<id>XXX</id> <- Defined by MP devs/skinners
<url>http://wiki.mediaportal-fr.com/tips/v0.0.0.10/crystalcenter/button-601.xml</url> <- Defined by doc. contributer

- And in the contributed button-601.xml:
<desc>Cliquez pour enregistrer</desc>
<value>Pour plus d'information sur l'utilisation de myTV lisez la section 5 de la documentation</value>

I think a system like this should reference more items than there are in strings.xml, eg to display a tip when hovering the title of a page. Taking into account the state of controls would be nice as well.

Humm. Perhaps I should not have used some french text in the example, sorry.
Anyways, does someone feel this proposal can make sense with the proper amount of thinking ?



Arr. Hum. Yes, I will certainly go for wiki.

My contribution is rather set on the french translation of the doc. There was a question floating in the air as to where to put the french pages: at your site or at mediaportal-fr.com.

Right here I would like to see if the documentation task should include writing some online help. Since that requires a higher level of integration with the code, I started with this proposal.
As you may see I examplified linking to a wiki. I suppose there may be one big or multiple wikis.

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