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March 2, 2009
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I have a stubborn problem so please be sure to read that part further down!!!

First the brag, and then the problem :D

This project has been underway at some level or another for nearly 10 years. I am very excited to finally be this close to wrapping it up!

My sources:
A 2-tuner Dish Network DVR
DVD-ROM drive in my HTPC
A RAID5 volume in my Linux Server with thousands of MP3's, AVI's, etc.

My inputs:
SolidTek ACK-580 infrared KB/mouse
Philips Pronto T-1000

My outputs:
Infinity 8" 2-way mains
Infinity 3-way center
Sony 5.25" 2-way surrounds
12" Velodyne Sub
Sharp XR-10X projector (Ceiling mounted. Eats a lot of bulbs!)
84" Da-Lite Projector Screen

My receiver:
Yamaha HTR-6130 (Not exactly high-end, but I only need clean power and digital decoding, both of which it does exceptionally)

And the meat of what this forum cares about,
Gigabyte GA-7VKMP mobo
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU
768 MB DDR
Western Digital 20 GB IDE HDD
Nvidia Geforce 6200
Linksys LNE100TX NIC
Hauppage PVR-150-MCE
Hercules Gamesurround III
WinXP Pro

Some of the HTPC parts were purchased with this project in mind, some were used by default as I cobbled the machine together. When I'm ready to go hi-def I will get a motherboard that includes digital output for the onboard audio (so I can drop the hoggy Hercules drivers) and a gbit NIC, as well as decent integrated video. I will also have to get a Hauppage HD-PVR if an internal HD capture card doesn't exist yet. For now, what I listed is what I have.

I am suffering inextricably from the "Device is unable to start (Code 10)" issue with my PVR-150 capture card! The mobo has 3 slots (all full). I have removed the NIC and sound card and tried all three slots and not resolved the issue. I have tried assigning every possible IRQ to the slot it occupies via the BIOS. Nothing works! It sometimes works after a full shutdown/powerup, so disabling "PNP aware OS" in the BIOS would probably fix it, but the latest bios from Gigabyte for this board does not include that option. I have tried both the current and "retro" drivers for the icky Via chipset.

What else can I try?

TIA (and critiques/questions about my rig are welcome)



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March 2, 2009
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Yes, that's SOP for hardware conflicts, such as what the "Code 10" error suggests.

I called Hauppauge and they had me try the card in another computer running a different version of Windows (XP x64) and it had the same problem, so they RMA'd the card. We'll see if the replacement fares any better!

Thanks for the reply,


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