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March 28, 2008
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Started on: 2020-03-22
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Add a checkbox for adding IPTV channels without checking signal level and signal quality.

TV Server, DVB-IP Mediaportal IPTV Source filter

If you use IPTV channels, it is good to update them once or twice a month to make all channels work well. But the updating of the IPTV channels is painstakingly slow as there may be about a thousand of them and the scan takes about 5 seconds for every channel in the m3u files.

My suggestion is to add a checkbox for skipping the checking of the channel signals, and that it just adds the channels. Maybe something like this:
[ ] Add channels without checking signal (warning, may add not working channels)
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    It's because it scans PID, etc, it is needed for MP if I'm not wrong.
    So not sure if it's doable !

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