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OrigenAE RC197 (Philips RC6)

Discussion in 'Input/Output Interfaces' started by Stéphane Lenclud, January 9, 2016.

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    See the original article on at OrigenAE.

    How do I use the RC197 remote

    Using the Remote Control

    You use the remote control to interact with most of the features in Media Center.
    Your remote control has five types of buttons:
    • Navigation buttons, to move between items on the screen.
    • Playback buttons, to control your media (for example, pause or stop).
    • Audio-visual (AV) and power buttons, to change channels and adjust volume.
    • Numeric keypad buttons, to enter alphanumeric characters or TV channels.
    • Teletext and Fastext buttons, to access teletext functionality (if available). For more information, see “Teletext Buttons”.
    Navigation Buttons
    Use the navigation buttons on the remote control to move between items on the screen in Media Center.

    Start Media Center, or go
    to the Start menu if Media
    Center is already running.
    Move to the item above.
    Move to the item below.
    Move to the item on the
    left, or move to the menu.
    If a slide show is playing,
    return to the previous
    Move to the item on the
    right, or move from the
    menu to the folder items. If
    a slide show is playing, skip
    to the next picture.
    Select the active item.
    Go to the previous screen.
    Show information about
    the selected item.

    Playback Buttons
    Playback buttons in Media Center behave just like similar controls on common home electronic devices, such as CD or DVD players.
    Playback buttons are used to control the playback or display of your media—music, pictures, videos, and TV.

    Play the selected song, Album, or Playlist.
    For Album or Playlist, skip to the next song. For
    Recorded TV, skip ahead 29 seconds.
    For TV, go back five seconds. For Album or Playlist, play
    the previous song. For DVD, play the previous chapter.
    Stop the currently playing media. Press PLAY to start
    the track again from the beginning.
    Pause the currently playing media. Press PAUSE again
    to resume.
    Record the TV show to disk. If pressed while live
    TV is on, record the current show (if pressed twice,
    record the series). If pressed from the Electronic
    Programming Guide, record a TV show or TV series to
    Rewind the currently playing media; if pressed
    repeatedly, cycles through three rewind speeds from
    slowest to fastest.
    Speed up the currently playing media; if pressed
    repeatedly, cycles through three fast forward speeds
    from slowest to fastest.
    Mute the sound without stopping playback. Press
    MUTE again to turn the sound back on.
    Adjust the volume.
    VOL +/-

    AV and Power Buttons
    Use the AV and power buttons to change channels, adjust volume, access a DVD menu, or to put Media Center in standby mode.
    Some buttons, such as GUIDE, act as shortcuts.

    Adjust the volume.
    VOL +/-
    Change the channel.
    CH +/-
    Mute the sound. Press MUTE again to turn the
    sound back on.
    Go to the Electronic Programming Guide.
    Switch to live TV if TV is not currently playing. If TV is
    paused, skip to live programming.
    Go to the Recorded TV page.
    Display the DVD menu.
    By default, the TV button has no command assigned
    to it. This button can “learn” to turn on the TV. For
    more information, see “Using the Remote Control
    Learning Functionality” later in this manual.
    If the computer is on, put the computer in standby
    mode. Press the PC button again to bring the
    computer out of standby and return to the desktop.

    Numeric Keypad
    The numeric keypad consists of numbers from 0 through 9 and two other keys:
    ENTER and CLEAR. You can use the numeric keypad to type alphanumeric characters anywhere in Media Center that you can enter text.
    If you want to delete characters you have typed, press CLEAR; press ENTER to submit the characters you have typed.
    You can also use the numeric keypad to enter TV channels.
    If you’ve ever used an address book in a mobile phone, you’re familiar with how to use the numeric keypad to type text.
    Each time you press a key, you scroll through the characters that are available for that key.

    To type text by using the numeric keypad
    1. Press a number to scroll through the choices that are available for that key.
      Each time you press the key, a different character appears. To backspace, press CLEAR.
    2. When the character you want is displayed, press ENTER.
      Teletext Buttons Media Center supports teletext when it is available.
      The colored Fastext buttons on the remote control for Media Center PC work much like the teletext buttons on a standard teletext-enabled TV.
      For more information about teletext features, see Media Center Help.

    To display Page 100 (teletext home page)

    • Press the TELETEXT button (located to the right of the ENTER button).
    Page 100 will appear in a few seconds and completely replace the TV picture, but it will not affect the TV sound.

    To access teletext pages

    • Enter the three-digit number of the page you want to display by using the numeric keypad.
    For example, enter 300 to access the A-Z Teletext Index.

    To navigate between teletext pages
    • Press the UP and DOWN buttons on your remote control to navigate between Next and Previous pages.

    To use the Fastext buttons
    • The red, green, yellow, and blue buttons on your remote control correspond to the same colored buttons on your TV.
    Press a colored button on your remote control to go to a preset page.
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