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April 21, 2009
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Started on: 2009-4-21
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A way to create and store list of chapters or sections of movies to skip automatically. Possibly share lists.


Not all kids movies are entirely kid friendly. Some parts are still a little scary. For example: a 2 year old can get a bit freaked out by the attack scene at the beginning of Finding Nemo, or the sharks later on. Normally this means keeping the remote handy to skip chapters. But this often skips parts of the movie that are not scary. Or you may be distracted at the wrong moment and miss skipping.


A method of tagging sections to be automatically skipped. Either stored in a database or preferably in discrete files like a subtitle (which would then allow sharing).

Yes, it's censorship, but that's part of being a parent. But it can also be useful to avoid awkward sex scenes when watching a movie with grandma. Or skipping beginning credits. Or skipping sections in a movie that you just don't care about. Or skipping to just that one part of the movie you like watching.

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