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I think media portal is great, there are a few things i would like if possible. Like the OSD when playing media to display the title of the file and position and not take up half the screen. The same thing with pause, rewind, and fast forward not to take up half the screen. Also, a keyboard entry to change the audio and subtitles on OGM or MKV movies. Thanks


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November 17, 2004
Try the Winamp plugin, Winamp is IMHO way better for playing movies... It may not necessarily LOOK better though, at least without some tweaking.

If you do this, you will want to use the "Auto Fullscreen" plugin that is floating around on the Winamp forums. Be sure you are using the latest version though, the old ones don't work when you are running a fullscreen app (such as MP).

In this way, when you tell MP to play a movie, it automatically starts Winamp, which immediately begins playing the movie in fullscreen. From there, focus has switched to Winamp and you control that as normal. (minimalist OSD, jump ahead and back a few secs with the arrow keys, etc)

If you're using a remote, make sure you have a button mapped to do the Close Window or Alt-F4 function. To get out of Winamp and back into MP, you have to press that button twice: once to shrink down the fullscreen video window of Winamp, and again to close Winamp entirely. After this, focus should return to MP and you can go about your business.

It's pretty seamless, but if you're totally crazy about not wanting to see Winamp at all, it's not for you, because you will see it as it is starting, and as you are closing it.

Other than that, it works great.

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