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Hi, I have been busy sourcing definitions and filling out the wiki glossary. It has about 150 entries so far.

What I could do with help at the moment is some pictures to illustrate some of the terms. One obvious area is the different cables commonly used with MediaPortal equipment - plugs/male and connectors/female for the following:

  • 5.1 audio
    component video
    composite video
    any others you can think of...
Also anything in the glossary which you think would help a picture, like artifacts, interlace, overscan, etc.

If you think you can help with some good pictures then please feel free to either put them straight into the wiki, or link them to this thread and we can decide which are the best.[/list]


Sorry, it goes without saying, please help with the wiki glossary if you can. There is still plenty to do. The list only contains the thinks I could think of so you must be able to add a few more.

In order to get the glossary up and running as quickly as possible, a lot of the entries are very generic. They could really do with being made more "MediaPortalised" i.e. made more MP specific, how that term is used with MediaPortal, in what context, etc.

Also, most the terms are crying out for good links to other terms, related forum sites, and external websites which explain the things in more depth.

Help of any nature is always really appreciated. Thanks.


How do you post images in wiki from an external source?

I know how to post if they are internal. But I have an image that is on my server, so how would I post that on a wiki page?

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