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December 28, 2005
I have found a big bug(I have make long time debug) for playing video stream in MyTrailer.

in first time playing work because the player is AudioPlayerWMP9. The error is in Utils.IsVideo don't detect stream extension.
I have make change in Utils.IsVideo for correcte detect file stream,
		static public bool IsVideo(string strPath)
			if (strPath==null) return false;
				if (!System.IO.Path.HasExtension(strPath)) return false;
				if (IsPlayList(strPath)) return false;
                //I have change .Equals() with StartsWith() fro video stream.
				string strExtFile=System.IO.Path.GetExtension(strPath).ToLower();
				if (strExtFile.ToLower().StartsWith(".tv") ) return true;
                if (strExtFile.ToLower().StartsWith(".ts")) return true;
                if (strExtFile.ToLower().StartsWith(".sbe")) return true;
                if (strExtFile.ToLower().StartsWith(".dvr-ms")) return true;
				if (VirtualDirectory.IsImageFile(strExtFile.ToLower())) return true;
				foreach (string strExt in m_VideoExtensions)
					if (strExtFile.StartsWith(strExt)) return true;
			return false;
and the player is VideoPlayerVMR9, but now the begining of the stream is not playing.

resume :
With AudioPlayerWMP9 all video stream work but the rendered core don't work fine for playing a second stream, and with VideoPlayerVMR9 the mediaportal core work fine all feature appears (OSD, etc..) but the beging of stream is not playing, and not all stream work, graphBuilder.RenderFile return a error with stream TSR VOD.

I propose to you to create a video player based on WMP.
What think you?

PS. It's not a joke but my english is bad.


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