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July 20, 2010
Hungary Hungary
I understand that it is not so easy to add new sites, but I wonder if somebody could do this for two excellent Hungarian sites. I unfortunately do not understand at all programming, so it is impossible for me to do.

Perhaps somebody who can do this might take a look at these two sites:

1) SuperSubtitles located at
It is a great site and community with high quality subtitles, including other languages, not just Hungarian. Mods do a very decent job, so no poor quality translation are allowed. Very fast on doing Hungarian versions. It has best support for movies, but does have excellent TV-Shows part as well.
SubtitleDownloader in OpeneElec already has support for this site, perhaps that would help, I do not know.

An excellent site for tv shows. Very fast translations, in excellent quality. Very up to date and a professional team is moderating the quality of uploaded subtitles. A must have for tv shows, and English version of each subtitle uploaded immediately.

I hope somebody could help in these two sites, and I hope others will also find this useful for those who are using these sites!

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