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July 21, 2008
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Hi I am using Mp2 for a month or so and it is great thanks!
I would just like to add my support fo the above

But that is exactly what I asked whether it is possible to change. As i tried to explain me an my family are really used to have this fixed seconds jump on the "up/down" keys. And I would really favour to get this function as well into MP2. So to say it is a key feature for us.
This very useful in Mp1 as you cannot order the skip steps in anything other than increasing order so to get 4 minutes (length of our adverts generally) you have to go through the button pushes of shorter steps.

Set up in Mp1 was "instant" set to 4 minutes and "skip steps" to 15,30,60,120 sec etc
So adverts = one button push. Move on a bit for boring news day skip steps say 2 button pushes for 30 sec...



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  • May 22, 2007
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    just after sometime off, I was now able to test again. The 1% instant skip is just a workaround just because in live TV percentages result in moving targets: if the buffer is short you only skip a few milliseconds. Once you watch a while it is getting longer (for sure works as designed --> percentage of time watched). Thus you cannot really jump that exactly back and forth.
    @morpheus_xx: I understand that it is not possible to implement before release 2.2, but I really would appreciate if it will be taken into consideration in release 2.2.

    Many thanks for all the treatment so far.
    BR Sonos


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    July 16, 2006
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    Is it possible to configure in MP2 as it was in MP1 to use a fixed value for instant skip steps? If not, could an admin make this a feature request?

    We are using MP mainly for TV recordings and viewings, and with all commercials I am lacking this fine tuning option which gives a more efficient TV experience. :)

    The percentage option gives very different instant skips depending on if the video is 4h or 30m.

    An example:
    Up/Down on remte = instant skip step 15s = Really fast skips
    Left/Right on remote = skip steps 3,5,7,10m = main commercial jumps depending on channel



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  • May 22, 2007
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    Hi there,
    again after a while, I am still looking forward to switch over to MediaPortal 2, but still hoping for the fixed time instant skip feature (Up/Down on remote = instant skip step 5s).
    Is there any chance to put that feature on the development list of any of the next releases? As you can see in the posts above I am not the only one using this for watching live/recorded TV to skip commercials quickly.

    Maybe I should explain my procedure (and I think melstig, like many other do it the same way) to skip commercials:
    1. Once a commercial starts use the remote's right button to skip 5 or 7 minutes depending on the length of the commercial.
    2. After that big step it is either close to the end of the commercial or sometimes already back in the tv show.
    3. Then to finetune use instant skip(s) (remote buttons up and down) set to 5sec to jump to exact point in time of the commercial's end. This works pretty well as i can as quickly jump as well 15 sec if I push the button 3 times in a row, or 10 sec if I push twice, etc.... All without any big delay. And this is the big advantage of instant skips with fixed times compared to the "normal" skip steps with the small delay that waits for any next input.
    I hope that made our plea visible and even more I hope that it is possible to add it to the feature implementation list.

    Many thanks in advance and best regards to the whole development team and all contributors.


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  • March 24, 2007
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    I will add this as optional feature in the 2.3 release, which will be released very soon.


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    November 27, 2020
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    @morpheus_xx hi. Do you know when you will enable skip feature in MP2. I can’t skip using the remote and fast forward only goes at x4. Any ideas. Love MP2, very like WMC. This is for standard video

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