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May 7, 2012
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Dear Developer, @Sebastiii

attached you found the newest German Transponderlist for DVB-C and DVB-T whis changes that we know.

New Germany transponder list that replace the "Germany.Full.xml, Unitymedia NRW.xml, Hessen and Baden würtenberg.xml".
The Transponderlist "Germany.Unitymedia NRW.xml, Germany.Unitymedia BW.xml,Germany.Unitymedia Hessen.xml" are 100% similary to the list from @JasMan

Neue Transponderdatei Unitymedia NRW nach "Change Day" erforderlich?

thank your for this.

Additionaly you found a advanced transponderlist "Germany.Full.xml" we add all new frequencies and
some advanced frequencies that currently used for transitional period in "Hessen and Baden Würtenberg"

We do not delete anything because maybe frequences are used in other areas...

in april 2017 cologne switch to DVB-T2 and the currently transponder list in MP 1.17 was not update jet.
Fortunaly @catvolt release some times ago in a developer Forum a new DVT-T2 transponderlist for "Germany.Rhein_Main.xml" (Thank you for this)

DVB-T2 HD Germany Rhein-Main

We advanced the day the "German.all Regions.xml" whis all frequencies from @Catvolt "Germany.Rhein_Main.xml"
for DVB-T2 compatible transponder list.

" Because Cologne is similary to "Germany.Rhein_Main.xml" we us it for the existing "Germany.Köln_Bonn.xml" too.

All the new transponder list you can found attached. We hoppe it s help for the next realese.

Best regards,



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