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September 23, 2012
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Hi everyone
I am definitely a newbie when it comes to Mediaportal.
I have set up a media server which currently has 223 movies loaded (lots more to put on) and have set up MyFilms to utilise the central databse as well as WOL (which works beautifully) and am using The Ant Movie catalog.
After installing Mediaportal and MyFilms on a client computer (my laptop) I can see all the movies, artwork etc. on the server but if I select a movie to watch I get the error "Please insert Disc 'Disc No = 3" and a selection of either YES or NO. Selecting either of these has no effect and the movie won't play.
This applies to all formats I have .avi, mp4. .iso etc. and is not coDisc Request.pngDisc Request.png nfined to one type. I did see some people were having issues with .iso's and this error but not with other types.
I can play any movie with VLC across the network by double clicking so all is good there.
I have attached a picof the error as well.
Disc Request.png
Thus is driving me nuts.
Anyone have any idea what is going on?


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