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  • May 6, 2005
    This is fixed now. Thanks for the feedback.

    Just a note to all Plugin SVN users:

    When moving/rename files. Don't delete and recreate, use the SVN Move and Rename features. This way the history of the file is kept.

    Renaming a .cs file can be a bit tricky because in needs to be done in the VS project as well. However, if you rename in VS then it will do a normal file rename and cause problems with SVN. So two possible solutions are

    1. Delete the file from the VS project
    2. rename with SVN rename
    3. Add file with new name back to the VS project

    Or the one I tend to use

    1. Rename file with SVN rename
    2. Edit .csproj file and rename by hand (these files are just XML files)


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  • May 6, 2005
    Another quick note to all SVN users. Please don't check in bin or obj directories, these should be generated locally by each user. Otherwise we can end up with a lot of copies of core.dll etc ;)


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    what is the right way to set up plug-in development and deployment

    Hi ,

    I have a question about the proper way of deploying external plug-ins.
    (The system has been installed with all the needed tools and sdk’s and can compile the latest svn fine)

    In the last couple of days I’ve tried to start a new plug-in development (just something simple to find out how it all works)
    Now I’ve come to completion of phase 1, I would like to deploy it on my entertainment machine and test in real life.

    How it started: (wrong I guess)

    I added a new plug-in folder in the SVN-updated folder. And went from there. But it seems that compiling like this is embedding the code in the main application rather than creating an external plug-in that can be used on other machines as an add-on or plug-in.
    So I isolated the code into a separate project and added all the references to the SVN directory. Compilation went ok.
    However the version on my entertainment machine is the so-called Stable version, and copying the plug-in dll in the plug-in/windows folder returns at setup/configuration with the message that the plug-in can’t be loaded because it was made for a different version.

    What is the proper way to go from here?

    Thanks in advance.


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    July 5, 2005
    Switzerland Switzerland
    If you want to compile your plugin with MP version you have to checkout this version from the SVN Repository. Else you'll have to update your to current SVN binaries.


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    November 17, 2006
    Netherlands Netherlands
    You can also use the dll's from your entertainment machine as reference (Core.dll, Utils.dll,...) The only dll I always miss is Dialogs.dll, but if I use that one from the SVN, there is no problem.


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    January 3, 2006

    Just to let you all know - I have uploaded the WWMP (WorldWideMediaProject) and IPTV Plugins.

    The IPTV Plugin is the plugin which will contain its own plugin architecture (see the thread 'My IPTV Plugin' for more details).



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  • March 7, 2005
    Australia Australia
    Hey overture,

    Could you just check where you uploaded your IPTVPlugin files to? It looks like you've placed them in the root of the svn, instead of in a folder named after your project.



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    July 16, 2006
    Thanks guys,
    I'm gonna try that by adding a new SVN Folder and download against and use this as ref. That should work right?
    You don't need to do that. Here's what I do (Set paths to your own)
    Set Project|MesFilms Properties|Build|OutputPath :-
    (Debug) = D:\devel\vs2005\mediaportal\xbmc\bin\Debug\Plugins\Windows
    (Release) = D:\Program Files\MediaPortal\Plugins\Windows

    Set Project|MesFilms Properties|Debug|Start External Program :-
    (Debug) = D:\devel\vs2005\mediaportal\xbmc\bin\Debug\MediaPortal.exe
    (Release) = D:\Program Files\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe

    Set Project|MesFilms Properties|Build|Reference Paths =
    D:\Program Files\MediaPortal\
    D:\Program Files\MediaPortal\plugins\windows\

    Select ALL references in solution explorer (core...utils) and Set Properties|Copy Local = False

    I also Untick Debug|Exceptions|Managed Debugging Assistants|LoaderLock|Thrown ( so no errors when press f5 to debug)
    Now when I do a release build I compile against v0.2.2, with above settings. When I do a debug build against svn, I simply have to move the lower 2 references to the top position. You don't need to download any svn code to compile the plugs just ensure the references point to the relevant 0.2.2 or svn install when you compile.


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    February 4, 2007
    Germany Germany
    Also now I uploaded

    My Simon Say V0.3.1
    My Hexxagon V0.1
    My Connect 4 V0.1

    My DBox
    -> maybe a little bit out of date, I still do some basic works on it, so please be patient



    HappyTalk: THAT makes my life so much easier..... I was wondering how can I do it... and it was so easy as well... ;)

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