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  • August 29, 2007
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    Hello everybody,

    at first, I am a developer, but not very advanced. I know Visual Studio and .NET.
    And I never tried to develop a plugin for MP.

    Anyway, there are THREE ideas that I have since a long time:

    1. Social Recording
    To create a (annonymous?) community to share and ask records.
    Two main goal:
    -> I missed a tv-show, who recorded it an can submit it to me?
    -> I want to record a tv-show but cant do it that time, who can record for me an submit?

    2. Recording Path Fallback and Cleanup
    Well, maybe I am the only person on earth suffering from this.
    I record to a USB disk array. Sometimes it fails to be detected when the server wakes up.
    In that cases the record is not done.
    On the other hand, the system-drive is a small SSD with not much space left.
    It should work like that:
    -> Check if the recording path is availible BEFORE recording. If not, choose the fallback-path (SSD).
    -> After the record is done, the next time the main recording path is availibe, move the record there and update database

    3. Repair Records from GUI
    Same story. Sometimes the records_DB is kinda broken. I need to go to the external configuration tool and re-import them.
    -> A plugin should provide this function from inside the MP-GUI.

    My main language is german, I would be happy to learn a bit about plugin development in MP, so I prefer to be teached in german.

    Anybody out there who thinks my ideas are not too bad and willing to help me?

    Thanks a lot for reading!

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