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    Marantz Control MediaPortal Plugin Marantz Control is a plugin for MediaPortal1 to send telnet command on a specific mediaportal action. It is created with the purpose to change input on my Marantz AVR on a specific mediaportal input (eg: by pressing a remote button).


    In the plugin config you must select the action from the list, then write the ip address of your AVR and the port (usually 23), plus the telent command you want to send to the AVR. (eg: in my case i want to change input to AUX1 so the is "SIAUX1"). In the mediaportal config you have to set a button of the remote (or keyboard or jypad or any other input device) for the action you have selected in pluginconfig. Pay attention that the action could do also mothing else in MP. In my setup I choose ACTION_HOME and setup MCE green button accordingly, so when I press the green button on the MCE remote MP goes to Home and switch AVR input to Mediaportal.

    telnet command list

    Any comment or suggestion is more than welcome!

    keep in mind I'm not a professional programmer and this is my first MP plugin so the code could be not perfect :)




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    Hello and thank you! This is exactly what I need to start zone 2 of my Marantz SR7009.
    I have a problem getting the commands (Z2ON or PW?) to work though, and I think it has to do with the <CR> or \r that should be sent with the command. What should I write?
    I tried with android apps, and it only worked when I used "TCP Telnet Terminal", with command on its own and \r added. With \r in the command, it did not work.

    Any ideas?

    With this little program Telnet Scripting Tool 1.0
    I could get it to work by creating this text file:
    SEND "Z2ON\m"
    WAIT "Z2ON"

    And running this from a batch file:
    tst10.exe /r:Z2ON.txt /o:eek:utput.txt

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    Also, run the bat file on a Windows Scheduled Task, triggered by boot and resume from suspension. Tick the box of waiting for network, otherwise the command will be sent too soon.

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