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December 15, 2008
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I've beet struggling to get a very specific configuration using the built-in MyVideos, and not having much luck. I'm coming to realize it may take a plugin to accomplish this. I've thought about writing my own, and have read through the developers guide that I found on the mediaportal site, but haven't found the info I need.

If anyone could either (a) get me started by telling me where to look for the info I'd need to accomplish this myself, or (b) assuming it is simple, post the code (or a compiled plugin) that would be required to do the following, I would be grateful for your help:

Basically, all I want to be able to do is display the file names (without extension) and dates of all the files in a single directory, sorted by date (descending - newest files on top) in a standard list control, scroll through the list, and select one to play (it can be assumed all the files in this directory are video files). Very similar to the "default" behavior of the built-in MyVideos, but without a database, and no option (or need) to change the view (sort, filter, etc).

Nice "options" to have would be to be able to:
- Select the directory to be looked at via the plugin configuration.
- Choose whatever I'd like for the name that is displayed in the home screen (basic home) for this plugin.
- Be able to delete files by pressing "0" when the file is highlighted (just as with the built-in MyVideos).
- Be able to move files to a different directory (nice if that directory could be "set" in the config) with another button (9 or something?)

I can "tweak" the XML file for the skin I'm using to make it match the rest of my setup (I'm using the B&W 1080 skin, but have modified almost all of the XMLs for the menus/plugins I use. All I really need is the absolute bare minimum functionality required to make this happen - I can take care of making it look right..

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help out...

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