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May 24, 2008
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I'm putting together a second HTPC for another room in my house, and I'd like to have a plugin that would let me control the line input on the HTPC. I've done a bunch of searches but haven't found anything like what I'm looking for.

Since this HTPC won't be connected to a receiver or extra speakers, I need to use the line input on the computer to play back my record player / phonograph through a set of speakers connected directly to the TV. If I had a receiver, I'd just use a phono input on that. I've got a phono preamp, so no worries there - I can hear the audio just fine in MediaPortal, so that's all working great.

What I really want is a plugin that does the following:

When the plugin is selected
* Stops any currently playing media
* Unmutes the line or mic input
* Optionally passes the audio to a visualizer

When the plugin stops or another plugin is selected
* Mutes the line or mic input
* Stops the visualizer and returns to the home screen
* Optionally will auto-stop after a specified interval (if I forget to flip the record, etc.)

I want the muting / unmuting because the phono cartridge makes noise when it's dropped or handled, and if the record's runoff groove isn't cut right, the album can keep spinning forever.

Is there anything even remotely like this available?

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