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December 1, 2012
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Plugins such as OnlineVideos no longer show as compatible with MP 1.2.3 although the previous versions are still available and working.
I used that plugin as an example as all trace of 1.2.3 support has been removed from the plug-in download page.
Something like PowerScheduler++ gives info relevant to 1.2.3 users on the page at least... however, if you were using the extensions installer rather than the website then you won't find it.

I realize there are newer versions of MP out but many won't upgrade because their favourite skin/plug-ins aren't yet available for 1.4 or they've had stability issues. A new user hitting problems with the latest version might want to use the "tried and tested" 1.2.3 but find the hard labours of the plug-in writers gone to waste and features we're happily using don't present themselves. I just happened to know the older versions work fine and dug out the relevant files.


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    Hi BushLin -

    Are you referring to the Plugins and Skins Repository on the website? e.g. ?
    If so:
    1. I still find 157 extensions when I use advanced search for MP 1.2.x compatibility
    2. it is up to the submitter/author of the extension to indicate the versions they still support.
    RE MPEI - IIUC you mean that when you open MPEI in MP 1.2.3 and update online info - many/most extensions display the warning icon as incompatible, or don't display if you select 'Show only compatible versions' ? If so, I agree ;)

    Ofc, if you click the down arrow beside the install button, you can see the compatible versions:


    but that is not very obvious or intuitive when MPEI has already indicated the extension is incompatible. The ideal imo would be when you choose to display only compatible versions, MPEI displays the most recent version compatible with the current version of MP. Ofc I have no idea how easy that is to implement ;)

    If you agree, could you mention that to @sa_ddam213 in the MPEM Development Info & Testversion forum ?

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