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May 6, 2013
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A search shows that variations of this question have been asked before with no replies or answers that are specific to my situation. i want to scan 6 satellites using a Skywalker-1 DVB-S USB tuner connected to a 22Khz switch which is in turn connected to 2 Diseqc switches hooked to the sat LNB's. I would normally expect to be able to access all 6 LNB's using the correct selection of 0/22Khz and Diseqc positions from the "LNB1-4" list and "Advanced" options for the 1st 4 sats then do the same again using "LNB's1-2" (3 and 4 unchecked) for the final 2 sats. In other words, "LNB's 1-4" are only an aid to scanning and are not part of the stored channel information. Is this correct?

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