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November 11, 2006
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Right now, the official version isn't going anywhere since I don't have the time unfortunately. But I've been thinking about merging all the great versions that are out there to an official version.


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January 12, 2009
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First, a big thanks for Chreekar !
It's my cocktail of hulkhaugen's and thagerty's ideas for StreamedMP (My Emulators 3.2) :D
Backgrounds have to be saved into folder \ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\screenshots in .jpg format. Since Rev. 750 also in StreamedMP , The StreamedMP installer automatically change the path of thumb folder in ID 1001 on the right one

                     <description>screenshot background</description>
                     <!--Updated by setup (Ensure ID is unique)-->
                     <texture>C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\myEmulators\screenshots\#selecteditem.jpg</texture>
I notice also some visibility problems with ID 40-45 in thumbs and filmstrip view .

Thanks Losttown

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Just what i was looking for, Really awesome work :D


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January 8, 2011
looking for a skin for the laest StreamMP 1.2? something to show the fanart, game desc. and so on?
is there one out there with setup instructions?


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January 8, 2011
Is it inlucded as part of StreamMp or shall I install the MyEmulators latest relase seperatly?

Where do I find it and how do I set it up?

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