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Does anyone know of an alternative to PowerStrip? Anything that can output a TV resolution from a standard graphics card. Preferably open source.

I've never heard of anything that could do this in the same way. Its a shame that we have to get proprietery software of hardware solution to do this. Do we think it might ever get added to MediaPortal? I assume that it is extremely complicated. Is it beyond even us?


sickboy said:
there comes a tool with the Omega driver called MultiRes.
I use that tool, and i have a resolution of 720x576

Sorry for being dumb, but what is the "omega driver". Where can I get it? I am currently using the latest Catylst drivers.


OK, found omegadriver.net

A quick scenario though that you might be able to answer off the top of your head.

I have an ATI 9600xt AIW. I have a LCD monitor (1024 x 768) which is the primary display. I also have an old tv connected to the s-video connector (via a SCART socket connector, its a very old TV set :oops: )

Currently, when I want to run use myHTPC, I run the primary monitor at 800 x 600 and clone it via catlyst driver to the TV. Its less than ideal.

What I really want to do is this:
Run the primary display at 1024 x 768, output to the secondary monitor (by extending the display?) in native PAL resolution (352 x 288 or 720 x 576???) at 50Hz.
I know MediaPortal doesn't support multi-monitor mode at the moment.
Is it possible to (with either catlyst or omega driver, or another tool) to get this happening? What do you advise? I think MediaPortal (and WMP output) will always try to display on the primary monitor.

This is one of my big three problems to fix before I switch to MP fulltime. I cannot wait any longer.

Big thanks to anyone who can help.


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    Most nVidia graphic card can use TVTOOL

    but i believe its not free and certainly not open-sourced


    I have now installed the omega drivers and the multires tool. There are two options which are fairly close:
    800 x 600 47Hz (interlaced)
    720 x 576 (32bit) 60Hz

    Which do you think will work best in the long run?

    Is there any advice on how to get closer to the setup I outlined in my previous post?

    Thank you in advance if anyone can help.


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    Hi Forbes,

    I have a similar setup i.e. TFT w 1024 res and TV/Projector with S-Video. and an ATI 9600 (not AIW).

    I have set the ATI Catalyst driver to "Theater" mode in the "overlay" section and this gives the following:

    when there is no overlay i.e. video playing I get a clone of the TFT running @ 1024x768. As soon as there is a video playing the S-Video will go to Fulscreen in native PAL resolution.

    You may want ot set the "overscan" option in the Displays/TVsection to get FS for the computer screen as well.

    Hope this helps


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