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March 1, 2009
Sorry if this questions seems a bit too simple.

I'm new to Media Portal and I'm trying to install medial portal on my windows xp media computer. I'm trying to stream movies to my tv on another room via home network. I'm trying to use an xbox 360 as an extender. is this even possible? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find any information on how to make this work.

can someone give me direction on how to set this up? or point me on the right direction? I'm really not technical. If this is not possible using a xbox 360. if NOT, what can i use to access the media box (extender?). It's been two days and i don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone please help. i really dont want to install vista or purchase an Apple TV:(


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  • November 8, 2008
    a pc

    If all you want to do is stream movies the specs can be very modest (assuming its not HD/Blu-Ray). Single core CPU and 1gig Ram is all you need.

    As I undertand it though this can be achieved with XBMC if you want to use the 360 (on PC and a 360 as server/client)

    XBMC does not support Tv tuners at this time though as far as I know.

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