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    This is how the team processes the submitted patches.

    1. user submits the patch - prefix = [pending]
    2. MP1 Development Managers review the proposal. At this stage, the code is not yet looked at.
    3. If they conclude that the basic idea of the patch is something we want to get included in MP 1 (in which version is not clear at this point) then the thread is set to [evaluate]
    4. Developers look in the submit patches forum for threads with the prefix [evaluate]
    5. The developer changes the prefix of the thread to [assigned] to show other developers that someone is assigned to that patch now. Then he starts to evaluate the actual code / *.patch file
    6. If the code is useable, the thread gets set to [approved] and mantis issue is created
    7. Depeding on the size/nature of the change (new feature/bugfix), the target MP version, in which this patch will be included is set. This could be the version currently in development, or an upcoming version.
    8. In case the change requires an update of the documentation in our wiki, then the patch submitter must provide that.
      The code will not get submitted until this is done.
    9. code is submitted to svn (if scheduled for an later release, this will be done as soon as development of that version started)
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